How much is a photo worth? About $1600.00…

A funny thing happened on the way to the wedding…

A week ago we were at Lanikuhonua, with Laura & Allen.  The sunset was amazing!  We were getting some awesome shots and  I “thought” it would be great to finish with a cool low angle photo, with the couple leaning against the rocks.  So – I did a limbo move, and leaned over a tidepool with only inches to spare between myself and the water.  Plop…  Out of my backpack falls a brand new Canon 35mm 1.4 lens.  Cost of lens?  $1600.  Getting the shot?  Priceless. =)

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One Response to “How much is a photo worth? About $1600.00…”

  1. Marino M. Regalado - Hawaii Wedding Emcee, Ninja Entertainment Says:

    Sorry to hear about your lens, hope it was ensured. Congrats on getting that *priceless* shot. This is why you are AWESOME. Keep up the GREAT work!